Five Key Promotional Materials for Small Businesses

Successful marketing and promotion tactics are impossible to attain without a set of promotional marketing materials. They embody your company’s brand, story, and offer. You won’t be able to communicate with your target audience without them.


Let’s look at some of the causes why your company needs marketing materials right away.

  • You can get to understand customer needs and wants.
  • They help to spread brand awareness.
  • They have the potential to have a long-term influence.
  • They’re a crucial component of your content marketing and digital marketing campaigns.


Now, let’s go on. Are you prepared to begin? Let’s go over some of the most common marketing material ideas and some pointers on using them effectively.


The brochure is the first piece of promotional material on our list. It is a handout that provides an overview of your company and its services. Since the beginning of marketing, it has been an integral aspect of promotional marketing. 


Typically, it appears as a double-sided piece of paper folded along two lines to form three panels with two sides. When the panels are wrapped over each other, you’ll have a booklet to open and look through for possible consumers. 


If you add brochures to your promotional marketing strategy, it will be effortless for you to express all the essential information about your company. They’re either handed out in person or placed on a brochure stand for people to take up.


When is a Brochure Appropriate?


Brochures aren’t as popular as before, even on the internet, but they’re resurfacing because they are still effective. If you have made your mood to use brochures for your business, then follow these recommendations:


  • Bank brochures to showcase different bank programs.
  • Brochures for travel firms or specialized tours/activities in the area for hotels.
  • At conferences, companies distribute their brochures for promotional marketing.
  • University and college brochures are available for pupils to take home from school counselors. There are also health and informational booklets available.


On a special note:


Contact information is required for a brochure to be successful. It’s a beautiful idea to include a QR code that people can scan with their phones as it’s printed.


Brochures and flyers are comparable, yet flyers are presented differently. Unless a flyer has an appealing design, it will likely be thrown away. Unlike brochures, flyers are unfolded, a single printed page, with details on one side only. People hand over these flyers at busy places such as bus stands, coffee counters, shopping malls, student dispersal from schools, and markets. 


To promote their business, owners hire some people to hand over these promotional materials, put them into shopping bags, give them on coffee counters, insert them in the mailbox, and send them through the mail. A flyer’s goal is to disseminate information on a specific product, event, or store. It’s far less complicated than a brochure because it can’t have as much information.


When is the Flyer appropriate?


Almost at every place, you will notice people handing over flyers. You can see them while walking around the roads, in your inbox every week, at a coffee shop, etc.


On a special note:


You know where to initiate your promo-material distribution whenever you try to promote your business. Please make your flyers exciting and eye-catching. Else, it will directly go into the trash. Moreover, add a QR code to make it simple for individuals to locate your information on the internet. 


  •  Posters

Flyers and posters are virtually interchangeable in the digital realm. However, they’re used in various ways in printed branded materials. Let’s have a check at what we’ve got. 


To elevate the marketing value, people display this cheap marketing material on street walls. The size may vary, starting from A4 to as big as possible. Because posters must be sight-catching to be effective, they can be more imaginative than flyers. Bonus points if you post the picture of your poster on your social media handle.


When is a poster appropriate?


Essentially, people in business use posters to keep their customers informed about upcoming events, concerts, discounts, offers, or special deals. Create promotions where your audience receives a discount code if they photograph and upload your poster on their Instagram story.


On a special note:


Add a logo and QR code to each variation while designing a series of posters in multiple variations.


  • Logo

The logo is the top marketing element that helps your business promotion. It is a piece of your entire marketing. The incorporation of a logo is essentially kept as a visual asset on the brand. However, you may take it further and use your logo as a standalone marketing tool. How? Continue reading.


When is the logo appropriate?


Logo is the optimum promotional material for business. A plain t-shirt, cap, bag, pen, sticker, and keychain are just some random things. Add your logo over it, and boom, it’s branded merch now. 


On a special note-


Always ask for a test run when you will use the logo to promote your business. You may need to make some tweaks depending on the texture or material so that the logo appears as it should in the result.


  • Event promotion-

What is the best way to collect your attendees for an upcoming event? It is by promoting it in the market. 


In addition to the brochures, flyers, posters, and logo, event promotion is also an essential promotional material. Event promotion marketing materials aim to inform people about the event and provide helpful information.


When is the event promotion appropriate?


In digital space, webinars, advertisements, media graphics, and newsletters are some promotional materials. Events involving many hosts or stages, such as plays or trade exhibitions, will require an event program to provide additional information to the audience.


On a special note:


Your event promotion must include performers, location, time, event title, way to purchase tickets, contact number, website, email, and Covid restrictions. 


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