Free Methods For Self-Published Authors To Win Book Marketing


You might have heard dozens of times, “millions of copies of a book have been sold out, book sales have skyrocketed overnight.” This happens just because of an author’s solid marketing channels that drive success to their self-publishing work.

Even though you are a great writer, you have dozens of things, facts and figures available to share through the books; you may still struggle to stand out in the market. If you have no access to a full-suite of marketing tools and techniques that have ignited driven success for many big and small publishers so far, you are certainly behind. 

Surprisingly, marketing your book has never been as costly as you think. Thanks to some free methods for keeping the book promotions a budgetary round for writers and authors. If you are also a self-published author and want to extend your book reach to a vast audience. Read on

Below we have shared some powerful book marketing methods that, except for time, don’t ask you for a single penny to invest. So take a look. 

Hunt for Podcast Opportunities

One of the best marketing approaches which will derive thousands of BUY requests via the free book promotion method is the podcast. Launch your own audiobook or connect with podcast influencers to transform listeners into readers of your publications. 

Offer Your Book Free on Amazon

Another famous approach that most book publishers use to market their books is Amazon. Offer them a free revision of your book or launch a book trailer and collect reviews from customers. If more people find your book valuable, you can expect an early push in your book sales on Amazon.  

Local Newspapers may Help.

Connect with local newspapers, as it is one of the brilliant methods to gain exposure to a vast audience locally in your town. Advertise yourself and become a champion of the race. 

Start your Own Website 

However, we will advise you for starting a professional website that may take investment. But free alternatives are also available. Marketing your book through your own website is the solid marketing gear that will help you build a brand. Many publishing companies in Seattle own a website where they attract the audience and generate sales. 

Increase online presence

Opening a website isn’t enough. Keep putting community posts, online free ads, and spread awareness about your books and articles.  

Get Involved in Social Media Groups

Social media, mainly Facebook groups and Linkedin, are the most powerful zones when it comes to marketing a book. Connect with thousands of authors and readers in these groups to stay profitable.

Launch a Giveaway

Launching a giveaway is the best method to derive sales. You can offer a gift or service to a winning customer free as per this marketing model. 

Collaborate with Other Authors

Collaborate with other authors as they will allow marketing your book for free. For this, you can contribute to their work. 

The Bottom Line: Scale your distribution channel as much as you can. If you want to promote your self-published book, keep improving and seek help from experts wherever it is needed. 


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