Self Publishing is So Easy Now In US and You are Still Unaware !


The job of a publisher is invaluable and incomparable. Your books should be reachable and should leave a deep impact over the mind of a reader. However, the task could be impossible until you search for a way to give your book a global audience. But how you will make it happen, as self-publishing in the US is supposed to be one of the hardest tasks. 

You have less time and inventory. Needless to say, it is tough but it is one of the most interesting professions as well. If you put extreme effort in your published material, we want to make sure that you receive most of your hard work. Self publishing is no longer that disappointing for publishers. Indeed, it is more profitable, and by this post, we have tried to give a green flag to the statement. So without further ado, let’s get in. 

Self-Publishing: A quick Introduction

By Self-Publishing, we generally mean that an author or writer is having creative control over the entire publishing process. Such as, they are accountable for printing, editing, formatting, proofreading, designing and so on.  Unlike traditional publishing approaches, they may carry out the whole process on their own. But modern self-publishers are enjoying a new way to get the task done. After all, publishers are seeing a visible difference between former self-publishing and modern one. 

Self-Publishing Problems Before and the Solution Now

When you are a writer or author, you see your whole world accumulated in a book and pen. But this particular trait becomes the biggest downside of you as a writer or author. Particularly because you are interested more in writing, and inscribing your thoughts on paper, but publishing work seems far off and less effective as your expertise isn’t built in this.

 Also, the modern lifestyle is more rigid and busy. Writing has always been a soothing experience for many folks, but book publishing turns out to be a worst nightmare because it is no longer that simple as it was supposed to be a decade before. Therefore, publishers have started outsourcing additional support without breaking the rules of self-publishing. 

Simultaneously it has now transformed the publishing work much easier for US writers, and authors. Next, we discuss a simple guide on how it is easy now. 

Five Simple Steps of Publishing a Book Independently

Mentioned below are the steps that make Self-Publishing in the US easier than ever. So without further ado, let’s take a look –  

  • Write A Book That Wins The Crowd 

It’s no surprise that you are already an expert writer, even though we are confident about that. But it’s worth noting that writing isn’t just an effective trait. You neither want your book to stand out from the crowd nor do you want it to become a part of the crowd but you want it to win the crowd. 

And this is only possible when you are creating meaningful and engaging content that people yearn to read and experience and implement into their life in real. 

  • Edit The Manuscript With A Professional  

One of the hottest trends in book publishing is to outsource some professionals to cut the time and efforts in publishing work and add more value in the final results. In most events, you end up repeating the draft of previously used phrases in the end without adding something interesting and compelling content that encourages a user to become your returning reader.  But if you have a professional person in your assistance, you can feel assured about re-editing or proofreading, even if you are short of thoughts or ideas, you can still make your book engaging and meaningful with their support.  

  • Format the Interior and Design cover

 Now that your book is ready to impact a reader’s mind, it’s time to make it more attractive in the market. An attractive and a high quality cover will be the key asset to make that desired magic happen on shopping carts. Similarly, a well structured formatting is also indispensable to ensure the book speaks for itself, and attracts the audience for itself with social sharing by readers themselves. Don’t worry if you aren’t expert in the process, you can outsource helping hands that are masters of the job. 

  • Print Book, E-Book Or Both? 

Many times you may prefer going with print books as they are still popular among readers. But many people will even advice you for E-Book. However, we recommend going with both the alternatives because of the social distancing regime that led many readers to read their favorite thing in digital format rather than physical. Also, E-Books are instant to deliver. Nevertheless you can keep pace with printed books to keep that conventional vibe alive. 

  • Market Your Book With Their Support

Book marketing for self published authors was one of the most hassle-ridden tasks, but no longer now. You can market your book pretty well with the support of professional marketers. You are no longer needed to beg book stores or media firms to market your creation. It has been made easier by some trusted and certified publishing firms like Rao Publishing House.

How Rao Publishing House Made Self Publishing Easy?

Being a writer or an author in this age, you have more opportunities ahead to learn, embrace and evolve with. Meanwhile, getting yourself surrounded by multiple activities may invite more challenges. This is where we advise people to take the job of ideation, writing in your hand and leave the rest of the story utterly on us. Rao Publishing House provides you a full creative control over your publishing work without affecting that quality you seek in your publishing work. 

With a team of writers, proofreaders, editors, designers and marketers, we provide you a comprehensive self-publishing solution that makes the whole job of self-publishing in tri cities US easier than before. 


So delay no more. From creation to book promotion, things have changed, and turned much simpler. Give space to some experts in the job and enjoy a competitive benefit right now.   

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