Hottest Book Publishing Trends That Will Drive Success in 2022

The past few years have brought an unexpected turn in people’s lives. Notably, the world of writing, publishing, and reading has changed a lot. Still, experts claim that book publishing will continue to grow with no exception.

Thanks to some hottest publishing trends that are adapting to readers’ unique desires and interests.

Since COVID-19 emergence, many things have changed so far, so publishers have also altered their perception of producing and marketing content that people love and hate.

After a groundbreaking 777% increase in books sales in 2020, the demand for books continues to surge at a consistent rate as of now.

But being a savvy publisher, you should know that new entertainment sources can make it harder to keep the wave of interest alive among consumers.

Sooner or later, consumers may adjust their interest and expectations from your work if early action isn’t taken and hottest trends aren’t adopted.

Thus, before things go against your favor, we have rounded up the biggest publishing trends that will keep thriving for 2022 and many years ahead.

1.      Rising Popularity of Audiobooks and eBook’s

A decade ago, printed books with colorful pictures were the limelight of books and articles. Demand for the printed book is still high.

Even though publishing companies are satisfied with the success of printed books, we still can’t overlook the other metrics that are encouraging us to work on this misconception.

In 2019, approx 65% of people read books. Whereas the percentage of adults who read an ebook in 2019 was at 25%.

Similarly, 20% of these consumers consumed content via Audiobook in a similar year. Beyond a doubt, traditional printed books are still popular.

But the year-over-year rise in the demands of audiobooks and ebooks are drawing our focus towards an emerging sector.

2.      Book Summary Platforms will be more important

In the growing spaces of books and content publishers, publishing houses continue to strengthen their feet deep into the industry.

Rather than just giving a short intro about content or services, these publishing houses solidify their marketing network by giving a brief summary of their entire work and effort.

This short, quick, and brief summary of the ultimate content makes their marketing clickable and actionable.

That’s why we recommend you employ a similar strategic pattern in your post-publishing work.

Instead of simply summing up everything of the book and publishing work, use certain powerful words or actionable lines that hit consumers’ minds.

3.      Political books will remain popular.

There’s no denying that political books have always been the queen of the book publishing business for certain great reasons. People love exploring the hidden secrets of their favorite political parties that are available nowhere else but in books.

The genre is highly popular among older adults who are deeply interested in political parties in their time.

Such as Bill Clinton’s My Life and George W. Bush’s Decision Points are the best suiting examples here. Both books became the most controversial and highly sold books of their time in the political genre.

According to a certain source, it is has been anticipated that the publisher has successfully sold 3.5 and 4 million copies total in that time. Similarly, the book of Barack Obama and President Donald Trump are a few other good examples here.

Approx 60% of readers prefer reading such types of books that have deep, realistic, and some less spoken or heard secretes available about a political celebrity or a family on the whole.

4.      History Will Be Ever-Green

The world continues to switch to modernize routes, forgetting the legacy of their cultural diversity that equips multiple unspoken and unknown secretes related to humanity and the entire universe.

Fortunately, books are the best source for keeping such a precious history alive on paper. Such as, you can read and study multiple things about Ajanta caves Buddhism through the books published by authors and historians.

These books provide you a sneak peek into the rebirths of the Buddha and also provide you with a quick glimpse of ancient monasteries and worship halls in Buddhist traditions.

What actually does rock-cut sculptures of Buddhist deities tell, who have made them with what intention behind, everything is briefly inscribed in these books.

Not alone Ajanta caves, but other books in this niche are immensely popular among readers. And the best thing is, every person is interested in reading and hearing what their ancestors and deities have done in their lives decades before.

5.      Self-Publishing Goes Mainstream

Rather than multiple writers, self-publishing will be more appreciable. However, the history of publishers’ evidences that people hate reading books that speak differently suddenly as the page turns.

Thus, rather than framing multiple people for a writing job, get it done by a single person until or unless the intent or your project is different.

Perhaps one from multiple writers may lack the experience needed for the topic. Also, possible that the writers are making frequent mistakes due to confusion of lines and understanding of the topic.

It could be one of the biggest pitfalls of your online publishing if you plan to launch your eBook entirely on the internet world.

Many times, writers invite copyright issues for their publishing work, which is undesired at all.

6.      Desire for Diversity

Online book promotion can gain more traction in the market if one gives their published work a personalized touch. Girls, boys, people from different gender and culture, want to get a glare of themselves into an eBook and its content.

Thus, present a story that people could relate to or cite something which represents them as well. Carve lines into your publishing work that tickle your consumer to an emotional level.

Become more diverse, and try to pinpoint numerous facts and findings during this writing work. LGBTQ, gender inequality, uncover the hidden secrets people don’t talk much about.

All these things connect people mentally and emotionally, and it will become a key strategy for publishers in 2022.

7.      Collaborative Publishing

Besides self-publishing, people may opt for collaborative book publishing as it is a quick and reliable approach to get publishing work done on time.

However, collaborative publishing doesn’t necessarily mean including multiple writers for a single job. Indeed, collaborative publishing refers to a diversification of roles.

The author or writer would lead the role in the mainstream, while proofreader, book designer, and marketers will try to make the overall content and product reachable and more popular among the audience.

In short, a team will be working day and night to make a book successful so that its copies are sold within a day or week as soon as it hits the market.


So these are the hottest book publishing trends that will not just yield groundbreaking results in 2022 but would be even more powerful for the upcoming years. If you are also planning to launch a book, ensure you don’t forget to embrace these hottest trends that will change the entire publishing game for publishers, authors and writers this year. The modern age has brought tons of big differences in today’s publishing work compared to a decade before. So try covering all these trends before heading to the next project.


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