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Rao Publishing House Inc. believes your work deserves more than the time and money you have invested in.

Hence, we embark on a mission to help you out with solid and best-working strategies that viral out even a single piece of your content, and you enjoy the best results.

While offering the smartest publishing solutions, we adhere to-








How It Goes!

Rao Publishing House services provide you access to everything that you need.

01Editorial Management

Make every piece of your published work appealing to the reader's eyes with our professional support.

If you are searching for the top-rated publishers in tri-cities, believe in us. Combining years of experience and expertise, our editorial team will develop, edit, manage and control the quality of your publishing work. Your published project will never lose the flow of the content as our skilled editorial managers will screen it.

02Formatting & Designing

A well-structured journal, well-polished cover, and catchy graphics is all you need to make your published work look impressive.

We at Rao Publishing House provide premier quality services in formatting and designing. We energize your content by giving it a perspective-driven insight, transforming its overall structure so that readers' eyes absorb every word you have inscribed on those white pages.


Now don’t find, but be found with our award-winning marketing skills that connect global audience with you.

After all, it only takes a handful of expertise and skill to get you standing out as one of the best publishers in tri-cities. And Rao Publishing House has all those essential assets to make it happen within a week or sometimes within a day. So without further ado, get in touch with us. Our services never disappoint publishers.


Take your Publishing Work To Global Heights

Don't just stay limited to the domestic boundaries! Go international with our digital media and marketing support. We want your business to scale and make a reach to the global readers

our passion and publishing work must reach a new height for which our team of professional publishers, designers, and authors leave nothing unmarked from their checklist.


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Review and Smile

Transformation is inevitably essential, despite the intense effort and investment. If you struggle to achieve desired results, change your route and involve some experts in your plan. Success won't remain that far. If you seek the best publishing solution, connect with Rao Publishing House Inc. right away.

Digital Publishing

Lead the game with the best digital publishing solution. With the right editorial strategy and powerful tools, we bring effortlessness for you in digital publishing. It is not hidden; digital publishing is the future and is expected to overtake newspapers soon. So discover more opportunities with one of the most trusted digital publishing service providers – Rao Publishing House. Together with a team of digital experts, we add spark to your online or e-publishing work. Be it white papers, e-books, reports or any other digital content, you want to stay popular among readers for the long term. Connect with us as we are your one-stop solution.

In-Print Publishing

Whether you are making a magazine, directory, guide or want to give it an attractive touch with some gorgeous prints that chase people's attention. Beyond a doubt, it is only us who can make this magic happen with unique graphic designs and textures that represent your publishing work more as a story and not as just a textual piece of work. Which section will go where, what colours to be used to make a published work stand out in the crowd, everything is evaluated to ensure no room for errors, confusion or meaningless stuff is left behind.

Traditional Publishing

Get your book published by a well-established organization and say goodbye to stress. Rao Publishing House is a pioneering name in the publishing industry where we partner with a professional publisher willing to expand the reach and demand of their published work in the industry. You will be the owner of the book, while we will be the owner of the rest of the work, be it design, sales, marketing and so on. Traditional publishing is ideal for those busy writers or journalists seeking the help of a professional firm like Rao Publishing House, where we provide you services with precision.

Self Publishing

Self-Publishing can be an arduous job, yet it can give you project assurance. Your upcoming publishing work will be under your observation. You will be supervising the whole project. But it turns out a bit hectic when you are putting yourself too much into multiple job roles. Owing to that, you may miss or mistake some essential components of the publishing work. Thus, to ensure you don't fall into any trouble, we allow you to select the needed service from the multiple publishing and content services we have available for you. We follow a fee-based system that allows you to pay for only what you need.

Hybrid Publishing

Rao Publishing House hybrid solution covers everything from content creation, content editing, proofreading, cover designing, in-print designing, copyright registration, bar cod assessment, to marketing and promotion. We will be in charge of the entire publishing project, while you will be playing the role of an owner in the whole process. The book published work will be entitled your name, and Rao Publishing House will be working as a supporting party. At an affordable price, we make Hybrid Publishing services available to you. So what can be better than that? Contact us if you also want to extend your approach to the readers.

Customized Solution

Rao Publishing House aims at supporting talented publishers with world-class expertise and experience. To date, we have catered to the dynamic needs of publishers with tailored publishing solutions. If you are a publisher, journalist or news editor seeking the help of a professional to trim down the time you invest in writing, printing, proofreading, editing, publishing and marketing work, contact us. Our customized solutions are ready to meet your diverse requirement in the publishing market. At an affordable price tag, you can access the high standard services. So delay no more, have our assistance and fuel growth in your publishing profession in no time.


Hire Industry-Leading Experts for Digital Publishing

At Rao Publishing House Inc., we give your publishing job a digital evolution, so your talent yields the best outcomes.

Our team comprises creative authors, designers, publishers, and marketers aiming to deliver most of what clients expect from us. Our services in publishing are backed by experienced and skilled hands and are meant to satisfy the readers.

How does it happen?

Rao Publishing House Inc. is a team of creative people who build client-oriented and custom-made publishing solutions. That's why you receive guaranteed satisfaction each time you visit us. Here is how we make it happen.
Multi-Channel Publishing
First, a clear insight into client/publisher/author demands is assessed if they need publishing work done in print or digital form.
Interactive Content Creation
From a series of curated designs and custom-made styles, the best theme for the content is finalized.
Advanced Content Management
All the nitty-gritty of a project is never skipped to ensure each line and element of a project makes an impact.
Performance Tracking
The content has been published. So it's time to monitor progress with an active eye, and we are experts in that.

Create Stunning Content in NO TIME!

Don’t worry if you aren’t that apt in producing content that wows the reader's mind. Simply get in touch with Rao Publishing House Inc. and let our team produce catchy lines from their creative minds that engage readers and double your revenue in no time.

Rao Publishing House Inc provides custom-made publishing solutions to each of its clients. Whether you wish for digital publishing or looking for the best in-print publishing service, connect with us.

With us, Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

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