Ajanta Caves – The Book

The Ajanta Caves book  published by Rao Publishing House compiles glimpses of ancient monasteries, Buddhism of ancient India, including traditions depicting real tales of Buddhist deities and their past lives. The book forces you to indulge yourself in the beauty of carved rock-cut sculptures in Ajanta Caves. After studying the impeccable art of Ajanta Caves, Dr. M. Ramadevi beautifully coins the key facts and in-depth information on ancient India in the book. So study Dr. Ramadevi’s book if you too are excited to know about the ancient culture in India. 

Every reader, Buddhism follower, or ancient artifacts lover should study this book that embraces comprehensive details on the world’s famous and the giant Buddhism culture and glare of communication followed by people in ancient times. 

What Does The Author Want To Say?

Through the Ajanta Caves book, Dr. M. Ramadevi has tried to inscribe a new study on Ajanta art through her own research-led work while providing you with a glimpse of Jataka tales and talks in brief about Buddhist Philosophy. The author tries to spread the significance, the value and forgotten tales of Buddhist deities, Buddhist culture, and practices in this Buddhism book. Each line in the book and thoughts injected is handwritten by the author. 

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